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Canada OceanSpirit International Inc.

OceanSpirit Company is located in the beautiful city---Montreal, Canada.Our company mainly engages in retail of Canadian sea cucumbers and other nutrition products. Since the establishment,our company has the first-class products, first-class technology, first-class team, so we create first-class quality, and our market has been successively extended to the United States, China and other consuming countries.

OceanSpirit Company's Arctic sea cucumbers are all freshly caught, fast processing, so that every aspect of the production line has been strictly controlled to ensure the safe and reliable products for consumers, so OceanSpirit Company has a good reputation all the time.

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overview of sea cucumber procedure

Capture 24 hours
transportation 10 hours
process 48 hours
package 8 hours

products overview

  • Due to the American and Canadian experts' research analysis: Canadian sea cucumbers are nutritious, whose protein content is 52.2%, sea cucumber polysaccharides and other active substances accounted for 15%,and they are rich in saponins, vitamins and trace elements; and they are low in fat content, only about 1%; no cholesterol. Thus the Arctic sea cucumbers are the best in health and nutrition. Canadian Actic sea cucumbers' nutrients are much better than other sea cucumbers,they are one of the rare sea cucumbers.
    13 JUN 2013
  • Canadian Wild Arctic Sea Cucumber

    Arctic sea cucumbers are naturally grown cucumbers,which are caught from Canadian North Atlantic. They live about 30 feet underwater in the North Atlantic, the maximum temperature of the surface area of the cold water does not exceed 14 ℃ , and the surface freezes in winter, this area is year-round Inaccessible, which is surrounded by non-industrial pollution and human activities, and they are typical natural wild sea ​​cucumbers. The sea cucumbers are free of any contaminants because they Grow in such an environment, and due to the long growth time, the nutrients and active substances are far superior to the sea cucumber come from Yellow Sea, the Bohai.
    18 JUN 2013
  • OceanSpirit sea cucumbers are all selected from the best Arctic sea cucumbers, and they use thef high-tech production equipments and technology without chemical processing procedures and sterile high temperature treatment strictly accordance with the hygiene standards of the Canadian Department of Fisheries and the U.S. FDA's HACCP requirements, thus they keep intact the unique nutrition and physical activity of sea cucumbers.
    02 FEB 2013
  • In the process of fishing Arctic sea cucumbers, local fishermen use the trawl fishing way to capture, then quickly processed capture piled on the beach. Affected by the habits of origin residents,they do not eat sea cucumbers, and Arctic sea cucumbers are all wild, no farming costs, so the price is much lower than the Yellow Sea and Bohai Sea Cucumbers! And also the Arctic sea cucumbers are divided into different grades according to the origin,processing methods and the size.
    07 FEB 2013
  • We are aiming to maximize the interests of customers, so we remove the cucumber's head,tail,teeth, internal organs, leaving only the sea cucumber ribs in the drying process .The removed weight of these parts of the sea cucumber is accounted for the 1/3 of the entire weight, and we do not add any preservatives, coloring agents, gelatin or others during the drying process. OceanSpirit Arctic sea cucumbers are characterized by the more structured shape, more thoroughly dried process, and they are "ten dry" products, and they have longer shelf life
    16 April 2014
  • OceanSpirit Arctic sea cucumbers have the protein and other essential nutrients, and in addition,foreign experts also isolated multiple anti-cancer ingredients from the sea cucumbers. (American Cancer Research Association also does the detection and analysis focusing on the Canadian Arctic sea cucumbers to prove that humans can prevent several cancer cells' growth, with the references) Generally people are still focus on the nutritional value and medicinal value of sea cucumbers.
    25 April 2014

Our creative team

Jonh Doe

USA regional distributor

Tommy Horton

Canada regional distributor

Nick Boris

North China regional distributor

Jane Smith

South China regional distributor

Jhon White

Hongkong regional distributor

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Alaskan Sea cucumber

Alaskan Sea cucumber

Alaskan Sea cucumber

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